Dead Knight Metaverse

The Dead Knight generative PFP NFTs are uniquely and randomly generated attributes based on blockchain technology. They will be released first on Solana Blockchain and then followed by the game.
Dead Knight NFT collectibles also come in 4 different classes, each with a unique set of attributes that appear on the NFT. Owning DK NFT will bring the following benefits:
Use their DKs as their characters in exciting Play-To-Earn features. Enjoy the DK Championship that is organized frequently and win prizes from the tournaments. Participating in the DK metaverse. After the DK strongholds feature is released, Players can buy their own NFT strongholds to manufacture and exchange goods & their own unique NFT to enjoy DK metaverse better or making profit through the marketplace. Also, they can explore & fight with VR in 3D mode of DK world. Enjoy dual token system to provide economic stability Enable chat Interactive & DK social element