NFT Collectibles

Dead Knight NFT

Gen-0 NFTs are the first 9999 NFTs on sale prior to the game release, which are uniquely and randomly generated attributes based on blockchain technology. They are the special characters who make up the first generation of the Dead Knight, each of which are with a unique set of attributes that appear on the NFTs. For this reason, Gen-0 NFTs have many advantages compared to the later generations.
Players will use their Knight as their characters in an exciting Play-To-Earn NFT Game. Those NFTs will show various stats regarding damage tolerance, defense, and luck in the game.
Gen-0 NFTs also are the key to unlock many future features in Dead Knight Metaverse.


Each Knight is generated from over 225 possible traits spread over 9 layers. The optimal rarity ranking mechanism generates a unique and completely different Dead Knight NFT from one another.