Character Informations

Dead Knight Attribute

There are 4 main stats for each character, including:
  • HP: Hit point
  • MP: Mana point
  • ATK: Attack power
  • DEF: Defense power.
These stats are affected by 5 base attributes:
  • STR (Strength): Strength measures the physical power of the Dead Knight.
  • DEX (Dexterity): Dexterity measures the agility, balance and reflex of the Dead Knight.
  • VIT (Vitality): Vitality measures the endurance, stamina and the number of health of the Dead Knight.
  • INT (Intelligence): Intelligence measures knowledge & memory of the Dead Knight.
  • Luck: Luck measures how lucky the Dead Knight is.

Dead Knight class

There are 4 character classes in this game, distinguished by their attribute point allocation and special abilities.
  • Dead Knight: The melee fighters that wield dark magic and runeforged weapons. Death knights often engage their foes up-close, swing their weapons with dark magic and damage their opponents with unholy power.
  • Necromancer: Necromancers employ the spells of necromancy, a magic that allows them to toy with life and death. Many necromancers use spells to raise the Undead and summon ghosts, skeletons or zombies.
  • Night Assassin: The Night Assassins typically combine combat ability with the masterful stealth skills, and are specialised in defeating enemies without becoming involved in a protracted melee fight. They have very high dexterity and critical damage
  • Shadow Archer: The Shadow Archers are the deadly rangers who master the archery skill. They can shoot from afar and kill the enemy in silence.